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Welcome to our informational web site for Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma) patients, dedicated to providing you with information, advice, and stories to help make informed decisions regarding your treatment options and other Acoustic Neuroma management issues.

Acoustic Neuroma is a double-edged swordOn the one hand, the expected outcome from Acoustic Neuroma treatment really depends on the choice of treatment and the experience of the team. The outcomes range from permanent disability to no complications whatsoever. A good outcome is never guaranteed; all we Acoustic Neuroma patients can do is try to increase our odds by choosing our treatment from an informed viewpoint. On the other hand, there really are NO Acoustic Neuroma specialists that can give you accurate up-to-date information for all options. You MUST see the provider of each type of treatment separately,  have each one give you their statistics and their expectations for your outcome, then make up your mind yourself.

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Acoustic Neuroma Myths EDITOR'S CHOICE

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Acoustic Neuroma Treatment Options

Acoustic Neuroma Surgery

Acoustic Neuroma Radiosurgery


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Dealing with the medical establishment

Your doctors

Your insurance company

Social Security Disability

AN and the Law


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Acoustic Neuromas and your body

AN symptoms and related conditions

Learning more about ANs

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Treatment complications and resources for recovery

AN Treatment Complications

Resources for recovery

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Acoustic Neuroma Stories

In the AN Archive

Other sites with AN Stories

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Acoustic Neuroma Links

Pages by AN Patients

Related organizations for AN patients

Treatment and Therapy Providers

Other useful AN pages

Medical Information Web Sites

More links

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Acoustic Neuroma World

Our views on some important AN issues

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Acoustic Neuroma Miscellania

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About the AN Archive

The Acoustic Neuroma Patient Archive is a patient-run informational web site, dedicated to providing newly diagnosed Acoustic Neuroma patients with information to help evaluate their treatment options and to make an informed decision.  It is affiliated with T.H.E. Brain Trust.

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